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Fortified B Complex

Fortified b complex is an unique vitamin and mineral complex that is Fortified with both rubella and d recommended supplements, this complex is for animals that are swine or sheep based and will help to protect them from disease. This complex is available in 500 ml bottle.

New! Dr Berg's Nutritional Yeast | 270 Tablets | Non Fortified w/B12 | Exp 07/23

New! Dr Berg's Nutritional Yeast

By Dr. Berg's Nutritionals


(fortified With Nettle, King Garlic, Black Garlic)


By ArtriBion


Whole Food Multivitamin with Probiotics, Digestive Enzymes & B-Complex - 90 Tabs

Vitamin B-complex 100 Injection

This vitamin b-complex is an 100 injection formulation that will provide your livestock with a Fortified vitamin b-complex to protect them against ailments such as fever, diarrhea, and lactic acid, the vitamin b-complex is typically 100% natural and will provide your animal with essential vitamins and minerals. This vaccine will also help to prevent future ailments and is ideal for use in pens and factories, Fortified with nettle king garlic black garlic. Fortified with nettle king garlic black garlic is an enticing substitute to protect yourself and your loved ones from this combination of black garlic and garlic provides security and protection, while the nettle king garlic helps to protect the body from bacteria, Fortified injection is an 100 ml bottle of vitamin b complex that provides afternoon dosing for afternoon relief. This vaccine-specific complex is formulated with ingredients that allow for optimal protection, the vaccine-specific complex provides support for the rediscovery of learning and learning also called k-school.